Good Design

Here’s what I think is a pretty interesting passage from a semi-interesting post by Michael Shermer re:Evolution vs. ID.

In an extensive study on why people believe in God, the University of California at Berkeley social scientist Frank J. Sulloway and I discovered that the number one reason people give for their belief in God is the good design of the world. When asked why they think other people believe in God, however, the number one reason offered was emotional need and comfort, with the good design of the world dropping to sixth place. Further, we found that educated men who already believed in God were far more likely to give rational reasons for their belief than were educated women and uneducated believers. (All results of this study are reported in my book, How We Believe: Science, Skepticism, and the Search for God.) One explanation for these results is that although in general education leads to a decrease in religious faith, for those people who are educated and still believe in God there appears to be a need to justify their beliefs with rational arguments.

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