Charles Colson

Frist-posturing aside, as well as Dobson-rambling (I was happy to see the Post giving helpful context about who appointed the judges Dobson is so angry with), I personally learned something new by seeing Charles Colson’s name in the article. Fine, I admit that I just saw All The President’s Men in the last year, and I noticed because I can clearly hear Robert Redford saying his name.

So now I know that one of the Watergate conspirators has become a prominent Evangelical. To freshen up my knowledge, I read this excellent Watergate summary on

Colson’s own story is that after Watergate he was born again and redeemed forever from his life of dirty politics. He spent 7 months in prison for obstructing justice and wrote a book about it (Born Again), which was made into a movie. Looks like the movie might not be awesome. After prison, he admirably devoted to himself to prison outreach and founded Prison Fellowship, which has its own version of Colson’s redemption (Although, PF and the Wikipedia disagree about whether Colson pleaded guilty or no-contest to his Watergate charges.)

It’s interesting that through personal redemption, Colson has kept step with Conservative influence. You can read all about his ideas at Town Hall and Break Point.

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