The Ongoing Subjugation of Women and Conservatives

In a fighting mood, I read this. Pretty regularly, I’ll try to read the National Review because I’ve found a couple articles there in the past that were intelligent and challenging enough to show me the thoughtful side of partisan Republicans. Unfortunately, I usually just end up bewildered at some writer’s shuffled priorities or misguided logic. For comparison, here’s one of the stupidest articles I’ve ever read. Though from what I understand, I shouldn’t judge NRO writers based on John Derbyshire.

Anyway, this equal pay piece was about half useful to me. I hadn’t really thought critically about the old 76% figure before, but the notion that women tend to choose lower-paying careers actually makes a lot of sense. Of course, just because it makes sense doesn’t mean it’s true, so I tried to google a little to debunk it and I ended up learning about Warren Farrell, who sounds like an interesting character. According to him, in any given field, women actually make more money than men. However, because they usually choose lower-paying career tracks, they just end up having better lives. Hmmm… I’m not sure how credible a source Farrell is. These academics (from 10 years ago) don’t seem very fond of him. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is beyond me.

Back to the article: it lost me at the end when he starts talking about the porn industry, making Hillary Clinton out to be a hypocrite because she doesn’t seem concerned that male porn stars make less than female porn stars. That’s kind of dumb. As opposed to (say) writing for conservative websites, pornstarring is one of those jobs where your sex indisputedly makes a difference (as does your hotness).

Oh but wait! It says at the bottom of the page: “This humor piece was written by Ned Rice”. Humor piece? Were those jokes? I noticed some lame sarcasm, but I just figured he was being a dick.

Further research: The show he writes for apparently didn’t have such a hot first week.

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